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Maerifa Tecnologies

Maerifa Tecnologies has a decade of experience and a team of passionate professionals with over 5+ years of experience in all aspects of web design & Development, Digital Marketing- SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Content Writing, Brand Buildup, Mobile App Development, and Business planner & Consulting.

Overall we believe to make every business a reputed brand and once your business is admired as a brand it will drive huge customers to your door. We are not behind money we are behind to build a group of startups where at any corner our name comes and that gives goosebumps to us. Because building happy customers is really important for us.
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  • 1.Website Design
    100 % Responsive and simple user-friendly website design can yield unparalleled benefits.Designing a website is not just building a theme-based website and putting all business information, Every business has different specifications and unique ways of operating it to assist customers in a better way and so the website must be designed according to the business to make it transparent among customers.

    We design a website that speaks about your business as you know the first impression is the last impression. Know More
  • 3.Custom Website Development
    We are into era of Digital Transformation where everyday a new startup is born when their ideas are brought to life and it can be only possible with Custom Web development process. One in a million people come up with unique idea that genuinely works, if you have so make sure you are into right hands of development team. Custom website development is a long-term investment for your Startup.

    Our Website development team have over 10+ years of experience in building large and complex applications. Know More .
  • 2. Brand Buildup - R&D, Planning
    Brands are not built by just having a website or app or even it's not built in a day it takes years, a perfect strategy, planning, and careful proper execution from time to time for the best result. Our expert team will help you build a reputed brand online, where the business will require a mix of well-designed and well-developed websites and the right digital marketing strategy as both help gain superior visibility there.

    Maerifa Tecnologies first analyzes a business, its websites, its target audience, and its goals and based on that, come up with a suitable Planning & strategy. We devise a plan to boost a startup presence across channels on the internet. Know More
  • 2. App Development - Android, IOS
    The evolution of smart devices has rapidly increased in past years and that has created an opportunity and path for the startup to reach customers through a mobile app. As a large number of users are available on smartphones and users are also interested in flexible means of operation and thus the role of an app development company has become one of the most prominent core elements of the software industry.

    We as an app development company in India have leveraged significant gains of a software firm to engage its team of professionals proactively in creating advanced & scalable applications. Know More
  • 4. Digital Marketing - SEO, SMO
    The 21st century is the Digital Century and also digital age is rapidly increasing in a vigorous manner where everybody loves to be digital. Day by day Effect of Traditional marketing is dying and startups & Enterprises need to use Digital Marketing to scale their business to great heights. To be honest it’s the only way out now to survive among competitors.

    Maerifa Tecnologies is one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies to help you grow through our digital strategy and give the perfect analytics of your business. Know More
  • 4. Promotional Video (ADS, Animated)
    Customized promotional videos would help a business influence the targeted emotions in the users for increasing sales. Every customer approaches a business or a service with certain expectations in mind. The task of the developers is to identify those expectations. Once that is done our website can help you by developing a promotional video (keeping customer expectations in mind) which would help the user identify the services you have to offer. In this way, you would be able to get your message directly to the customers in a short span of time.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


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